October 28, 2013 @ 9:01 PM

  • Well hello again everyone! I've recently started blogging about Makeup and Fitness (although if I'm honest, I have yet to actually make a post about fitness) and thought some people may be interested. I know some people used to visit my personal blog (www.rebellious.ca, which is long gone by now) and there's a chance, albeit an incredibly small one, that some of you are still kicking around. So if anyone is interested as to what's up with me... you can find me over here: makeup-your-mind.net. /waves

April 21, 2012 @ 6:05 PM

  • For a very long time this site didn't work. After Buffy ended, I figured there was no point to even bothering to figure out why the site didn't work and just left it be. However, recently I had to move web hosts and it pained me to transfer everything there and still leave it as a pile of rubble. So I figured out the problems and everything should be how the site was when I left it (functional) back in 2006. I don't think I'll ever delete this site - it holds way too many memories and long hours of fun work for a show that I loved dearly. So for those of you who still manage to stop by, I hope you enjoy skimming through it as much as I enjoyed creating it.